Locating PittPharmacy Faculty and Staff

PittPharmacy faculty, staff, and trainees are located in several sites in Oakland and in the near surrounding areas within approximately two miles of Salk Hall.  There are two primary tools to help you locate where to find people at PittPharmacy.

Pitt Pharmacy Directory

This site provides a directory by name, a directory of individuals at specific locations.

Maps and Transportation Information and Apps

This Google map displays the main locations for PittPharmacy People are shown with a blue pin. Some Port Authority Transit bus stops are identified with red stars, and Pitt Shuttle stops are displayed with green stars.

If you are unfamiliar with using a Google map, here’s a helpful video, “How to use Google Maps”

Pitt Shuttle

Pitt has a shuttle service that can assist you in making these trips.  In addition to shuttle schedules, it is suggested that you download the Shuttle app for GPS tracking of the shuttles. Check out Pitt’s Transportation page for these details and download. On the map above these stops are marked with a yellow star.

The links in this section take you to the PDF shuttle schedule.

For Shuttle To and From PTC

Use the 40A shuttle to get to the PTC. Get on the 40A next to the Peterson Event Center, (stop #5 on the shuttle map) and get off at stop #15.

For Shuttle To and From Baum

The best shuttle to take may be the 20B as it stops at Scaife Hall. However, you can also take the 20A from lower campus. Get on the 20A at the WPU (stop #1 on the shuttle map) and get off at 5607 (Stop #19 on the shuttle map).


The Port Authority buses are another tool that made be used.  For example, the 71A and 71C an easy way to go from campus (Fifth Ave) to the Offices at Baum. The 58 can be taken from Fifth and Chesterfield, to get to PTC. On the map above, the bus stops are marked with a red star. Check out the PAT schedules page.

For Travel To and From Baum Blvd

In Oakland, get the bus (71A or 71C) anywhere along Fifth ave, such as the stop in front of Nellies Sandwich Shop at 5th and Meyran.  Get off the bus at The Giant Eagle Market Street stop (directly before Negley Ave) or the 1st stop after the bus turns onto Negley Ave.(Negley and Baum.

For Travel To and From PTC

In Oakland, get the bus (58) at Fifth and Chesterfield. Get off the bus at the Technology Street stop.

PAT Bus Apps

There are a number of apps to see PAT bus information.  Here are two that you may find helpful.

  • Whiz– Is the newest of these apps, and offers the ability to add stops as “favorites.” Then, on the Favorites page of the app, you can easily see how long till the next bus, as well as track the exact location of the bus.
  • Moovit– Movie offers a web tool as well as apps that you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play
  • Transit– Transit offers an app for download from the Apple Store or Google Play

By Car

Offices at Baum

Visitor parking is outside the front door (which is on Fairmont, behind Crazy Mocha). You can park on either side of the street where there is a white curb. Do not park where there is a yellow curb. You may also stop in and ask the person at the front desk if there is room in the lot or in the parking grarage.

Driving directions from Pavilion to PTC

Pavilion R Lot

Darragh turn right onto Terrace St

Turn left onto Robinson St

Turn right onto 5thAve, toward downtown

Turn left onto Moultrie St (fist traffic light after the Birmingham bridge)

Turn left onto Forbes Ave

Turn first right onto Brady St

Turn left onto 2ndAve

Turn right onto Technology Dr.

Driving directions from PCT to Pavilion

Drive backward, except that from Brady St, turn right directly onto Forbes toward Oakland.