Spring 2020- Covid-19 Resources

Other useful sources for Pitt/Local Information

PittPharmacy Resources for Teaching and Learning

Finding Stable Internet: This link is to a page on the Student PoRxtal and is a list of resources for finding stable internet access

Note: the most complete set of resources regarding teaching and learning is found in the shared Box folder. Below is a curated list of the most up-to-date items.

New (4/3) Zoom Best Practices

  • Participant screen sharing (disabled as the default beginning April 4)
  • Managing participants (e.g., private invitations, locking meetings, removing disruptive participants, disabling participant video, muting/unmuting participants)

New 4/3) Zoom Training Resources

  • 2-page document for PittPharmacy faculty and staff. It includes 1) language to use if you plan to record your synchronous class sessions and 2) links to information and instructions.
  • Recommended First Slide for Recorded Synchronous Presentations
  • 1-page document that will be provided to students to guide them as they shift to learning remotely. 

A single sentence/ question to be added as an exam the students must complete before they can open the actual exam

This is a template that may be added to open book exams

Notes from Dr Gibbs for administering successful and effective on-line exams

Instructions by Matt Freidhoff to assist guest speakers for your classes