Skype for Business

Skype for Business to do more than simply make phone calls

Getting started with using Skype for Business

The best place to start is to look at this Pitt Sharepoint site. At the bottom of the screen are four videos. The first three are each 2 minutes long, and the last one is 15 minutes long. Watching these four videos is the best way to understand what Skype for Business can do and how to do it. The 15 minute vide covers these features which are really essential to understanding how to get the most from Skype for Business:

  • Using Instant Messaging and the Skype for Business Contacts list
  • Video conferencing and meetings
  • Integration with Microsoft Office products, including Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Recording meetings and sharing notes
  • Tools for collaboration

Pitt has a number of “How to” files for Skype for Business that are also great resources.  Go to, search for “Skype for Business” There are 19 help files available

Microsoft Support also has some good help files at for example, here are two videos that I found especially useful:

Get comfortable with using Skype for Business

It is a good idea to practice using Skype for Business before using it for an actual meeting.  If you want someone to practice with, contact I am available for a practice meeting at your convenience.

Use Skype for Business features at every opportunity to get better acquainted with them. For example, send an Instant Message rather than an email. Or a voice call via Skype for Business rather than a phone call.


Video Meeting Opportunities

One of the greatest productivity features of Skype for Business is the ability to hold meetings of two or more people using video and/or desktop sharing. To be able to show video requires having a video camera attached to your computer. All iMac computers have built in cameras and inexpensive web cams can be attached to any Windows computer. If you do not have a camera, and would like one, contact


Integration with Microsoft Office

One of the real advantages to using Skype for Business in on-line meetings is the ease of use incorporating other Office products such as Outlook (for scheduling a Skype for Business meeting), PowerPoint (for making an on-line presentation to others), and OneNote (for capturing notes from the meeting). This functionality is available to both Mac and Windows users, but depended upon which version of Office you are using. Generally speaking this functionality is limited to having Office 2013 or 2016.

If you are unsure about what version of Office you have, open a help ticket ( and request John to update you to the most recent version of Office and Skype for Business.