Residency and Fellowship Council

Charge to Committee:

The Residency & Fellowship Council is a forum comprised of faculty and selected staff that fis charged to:

·Serve as a communication forum for program directors and staff involved in residency and fellowship programs and for all actions and issues related to the residency & fellowship programs

·Oversee the School of Pharmacy website for the residency and fellowship programs;

·Create synergy of expertise regarding the growth and development of the School’s residency and fellowship programs;

·Be accountable for achieving the strategic outcomes for the residency and fellowship programs to include:

– Approve new residencies and fellowships and develop strategies for the growth of existing residencies

– Develop individual residents and assure that each resident achieves the expected level of mastery.

– Develop residency preceptors

– Define a process for resource allocation and prioritization

– Maintain the database of pertinent data regarding past and present residents


The council meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month, 12-1 pm


Heather Johnson – Chair
Deanne Hall – Vice Chair
Stephanie Ballard
Alexis Burke
Sharon Connor
James Coons
Brad Cooper
Kelli Crowley
Jessica Daw
Jocelyn Diehl
Deanne Hall
Jerad Heintz
Sandy Kane-Gill
Patricia Klatt
Patrick Legal
Melissa McGivney
Jim Natale
Nicholas Owens
Brian Potoski
Clinton Ross
Christine Ruby-Scelsi
Michael Safranyos
Heather Sakely
Amy Seybert
Michael Shullo
Robert Simonelli
Pam Smithburger

Student Members:

Alicia Lichvar
Katherine Roberts
Monica Beirne-Rocco
Sarah Moffett
William Wilbert
Greg Trietley
Christine Jordan

Staff Support:
Kathy Woodburn


Residency Council Guidance Documents.1109