PrimeRx Web App

The PrimeRx web app is a database used to manage student co-curricular activities or generate a PrimeRx Summary Report. Students and their faculty mentors can use this

Faculty and PrimeRx

In the PrimeRx database has a faculty dashboard and allows faculty to do a few things:

  • Faculty who are advisors to in the professional advising program, can see a list of the students they mentor. They can also print out a co-curricular summary for their students.
  • Faculty can also submit activities that may be part of the didactic learning or experiential learning, for inclusion in the co-curricular catalog.

The Co-curricular Catalog

The catalog contains a list of Pre-approved activities for the PrimeRx Co-Curriculum.  Students should also consider the following events and activities that are not pre-approved in the catalog for the PrimeRx Co-Curriculum.