PharmD IT Committee/ Tech Resource Team

PharmD IT Committee/Tech Resource Team

The PharmD IT Committee/Tech Resource Team meets on the fourth Thursday of every month in room 526 Salk Hall 12-12:45PM

The committee is tasked with gathering feedback and comments from the students concerning technology use within the School. The committee researches solutions to identified problems, makes suggestions, and offers advice to the Dean’s Advisory Board. The committee works directly with Thomas Waters, director of new media, who provides the committee with information and assistance, as needed.

  • The committee surveys the PharmD students at the start and end of each academic year.
  • The committee serves as the voice for the student body in terms of technology, expressing their questions, concerns, problems, and ideas to the School’s administration through Thomas Waters and directly to the Dean’s Advisory Board.
  • The committee serves as a conduit for information from the School to the students in regards to technology.
  • The committee serves in an advisory capacity for the PharmD Student portal to assure that the portal meets the needs of individual students and student organizations.

The Tech Resource Team is a voluntary group of students in each of the professional year classes who commit to being a first responder to IT issues in the classroom. The students are provided with a manual and instruction sheet for each classroom, and if they notice the faculty member having a problem, they are to immediately step forward and ask if the faculty would like some assistance. After providing any assistance, the team member is also responsible for filing a “help ticket” detailing the problem, so that an accurate record of problems may be kept.

The School values input from students concerning the use of technology in the School. Because technology evolves quickly, students are a valuable source of information on current technologies used and preferred by students. The committee will meet from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month.


Thomas Waters (Chair)

Class of 2020

Ravi Desai

Kathy Monangai

Class of 2021

Kacey Boland

Thai Q Nguyen

Jess Mattox

Class of 2022

CJ Beegle

Amanda Cremeans