PharmD Council


The PharmD Program Council is an integrating forum, comprising faculty, staff, and students, that focuses on all aspects of the PharmD program.


The scheduled PharmD Program Council meetings occur the third Tuesday of each month from 8:00-9:00a.m. in 532 Salk Hall.


Marcia Borrelli
Sharon Corey
Melissa McGivney – Awards
Jim Pschirer/ Sue Skledar- Experiential Learning
Anna Schmotzer
Thomas Waters
Neal Benedict – Academic Performance
Mike Shullo – Conduct

Pam Smithburger – Curriculum
Kris Schonder – Curr Assessment
Colleen Culley – Admissions
Student Members:

Maeghan Moss 2017

Lauren Woolley 2017

Carly Beck 2018

Jesse Chang 2018

Anish Patel 2019

Seth Stahl 2019

Jarad Ickes 2020

Chris LaFratte 2020

Staff Support:
Kathy Stell


Guidance Documents:

PharmD Program Council Bylaws FINAL 3-19-08

Restricted Access files for the PharmD Council