Internal Grant Review

The Internal Grant Review will become active on May 1, 2018!

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Internal Grant Review (IGR) Program

The primary goal of the Internal Grant Review (IGR) program is to provide a mechanism for principal investigators to obtain peer review of grant applications prior to submission to funding agencies. The intent and timing of the reviews are to allow faculty to enhance the quality of grant applications using input and to ensure the timely submission of grants to the funding agencies.


• The IGR program is open to all faculty with a primary appointment in School of Pharmacy.

• IRG is mandatory for faculty below the level of associate professor. Postdoctoral fellows, residents and graduate students may also submit their fellowship applications for review.

• The IRG will be led by a chair and a vice chair. Staff support will be provided by staff of the PittPharmacy Office of Research.

• All PittPharmacy faculty are required to participate as reviewers. With the approval of IGR chair or vice chair, faculty or scientists external to PittPharmacy may also participate as reviewers.


• All grants in which a PittPharmacy faculty member is the principal investigator (PI) or a PI on a multiple-PI grant are subject to IGR.

• A full draft of the proposal excluding the budget must be submitted to the IGR Committee Chair no later than one (1) month prior to the date due at the funding agency.

• The PI must submit a list of names of scientists who they believe are qualified to review their grant.

• IGR Committee Chair/Vice Chair is required to selected three (3) reviewers and send out the grants for review within a maximum 48 hours (preferably sooner) of receipt. The three reviewers should include at least one who has been previously or is currently funded by the same funding agency. The other two reviewers can be content experts. An exception can be made in the event that no one has been funded previously by the agency or foundation.

• Reviewers must submit their written reviews to the IGR Committee Chair within seven (7) days.

• The IGR Committee Chair/Vice Chair is required to forward each of the three (3) written reviews to the PI within 24 hours. The IGR Committee Chair/Vice Chair may elect to schedule a meeting with the applicant to discuss the reviews.

• The maximum turn-around time is 8-10 days, allowing applicants approximately three (3) weeks to revise their applications, taking reviewers’ comments into consideration prior to the funding agencies’ due dates.