Graduate Program Curriculum and Assessment Committee

Charge to the Committee:

The committee is charged to:

Review and oversee the core curriculum for the program and for all tracks (for the PhD and MS programs) to assure that courses meet their curricular objectives and have appropriate and timely assessments of student performance.

Conduct systematic assessments of each course on a rotating basis to assure: 1.) quality and relevance of course content; 2.) appropriateness of assessment methods; 3.) quality and appropriateness of content delivery methods; and 4.) appropriateness of course structure and credit allocation. Specifically, the review should:

  • Assure that objectives for courses include clearly stated ability outcomes.
  • Include review of the student evaluations of courses, which should be conducted each time the course is offered.
  • Provide suggestions for improving course delivery and assessment.
Conduct periodic reviews of the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences learning outcomes and make recommendations for changes if needed.

Complete the assessment matrices for the annual Provost’s Assessment Report.

Evaluate and respond to requests for:

  1. new credit-bearing courses regardless of duration of the course;
  2. modifications of existing courses;
  3. alterations in the schedule of offerings (e.g. from yearly to alternate years);

Review requests for modifications of curricula for existing tracks, including alterations to the core curriculum, and make recommendations.

The Curriculum Committee is also responsible for assuring the overall integrity of the in-classroom and out-of classroom learning experiences. This includes taking responsibility for assuring that students have opportunities for:

Developing their professional skills including presenting scientific papers/posters, writing, giving seminars, developing résumés and personal curriculum vitae.

Meetings will be held monthly during the academic year and more often if needed. The curriculum of each track will be reviewed annually.


Meetings will be scheduled quarterly or as needed.  The curriculum of each track will be reviewed annually.


Curriculum & Assessment Committee:

Jan Beumer (chair)

Bob Gibbs (Pharmacology)

Josh Thorpe

Lee McDermott (Med Chem)

Shilpa Sant (Pharmaceutics)


Ex Officio:

Sam Poloyac

Maggie Folan


Staff: Lori Schmotzer


Jing Li

Akhil Patel

Guidance Documents:

Grad program Curriculum and Assessment Committee Charges and Guidance 2014 F