Graduate Program Council

Charge to Council:

The council is charged to:

Coordinate the overall functioning of the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and assure communication among faculty representing the tracks.

Assure that graduate students have:

  • The maximum possible opportunities for developing research, critical thinking, and
  • the personal skills to become superb researchers at the level appropriate to the degree program in which they are enrolled;
  • Opportunities to personalize their education.

Assure that quality infuses the graduate program, which should also embrace the School’s mission, values, and Long Range Plan.

Serve as the “Awards Committee” for travel grants and for internal annual awards. This function may also be conducted by a subset of the Council.

Periodically review the Web site for the Graduate Program Council and assure that the content meets the needs of applicants, enrolled students, and program faculty.

Make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee for potential actions and agenda items.

Review the completed Provost’s Assessment Matrix and refer actions to the appropriate committee, faculty member, department chair, and/or track for action.

Assure that the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Functions in accordance with University of Pittsburgh policies for graduate study (

Meets the expectations and deadlines of the University in all functions of the graduate program, including program assessment, record keeping, and reporting data on graduates.

Periodically review policies pertinent to graduate study and recommend changes if needed. Recommend development of new policies as needed.

Provide direction to faculty of each track regarding numbers of students to be admitted with financial support from the School. This is accomplished with input from the senior associate dean.

Assure the protection of confidential information about students.

Identify issues and recommends to the dean the need for appointing and convening Ad Hoc Task Forces.


The GPC meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month.


Paul Johnston (Chair)
Wen Xie (Biochem Pharmacology)
(Sean) Xie (Med Chem)
Song Li (Pharmaceutics)
Sam Poloyac (Clin Pharm Sciences)

Joshua Thorpe (Health Policy & Outcomes)

Maggie Folan
Barry Gold
Amy Seybert
Randy Smith

Kacey Anderson

Yingfei Xue

Kunal Jhunjhunwala


Guidance Documents:

Grad program Council Charges and Guidance 2014 FINAL

Restricted Access files for the Grad Program Council