Experiential Learning Committee

Charge to Committee:

The Experiential Learning Committee is responsible for experiential learning program development, evaluation, and improvement consistent with the mission and vision of the School of Pharmacy to meet its strategic outcomes as well as accreditation standards. The Experiential Learning Committee is the central body for the management of orderly and systematic reviews of curricular structure, content, process, and outcomes as they relate to the experiential learning portions of the curriculum.


The committee meets monthly on a regular date set at the beginning of the academic year, from 12n-1pm, Room 902 Salk Hall.

Jim Pschirer and Sue Skledar (Co-Chairs)


IPPE experiential learning activity course coordinators:

P-1 (Community Health 1 & 2):  Sharon Connor, Scott Drab

P-2 (Community Pharmacy Practice 1 & 2): Melissa Somma McGivney, Luke Berenbrok

P-3 (Health System Pharmacy 1 & 2): Denise Howrie, Sue Skledar


Susan Meyer

Student Members:

Keith Long 2017
Kyle Zacholski 2017
Addie Brown 2018
Mara Rubin 2018
Samuel Bott 2019
Miranda Steinkopf 2019

Staff Support:
Anna Schmotzer


Program Documents:

Experiential Learning Program Overview

APPE Core Rotation Syllabi


Guidance Documents

Exp Learning Guidance Documents 10-09

Restricted access files for the Experiential Learning Committee