Curriculum Committee

Charge to Committee:

The committee is charged to:

· Function proactively as it seeks to fulfill the mission of the PharmD Program and mission and vision of the School.

·Take actions that will assure that the curriculum of the PharmD program meets or exceeds the current standards of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

·Assure that as a result of the curriculum, its evaluation and improvements, graduates of the PharmD Program are able to enter pharmacy practice in any setting.

·Manage sequential and systematic reviews of curricular structure, content, process, and outcomes.

·Review results and address recommendations of Curriculum Assessment Committee, including, but not limited to curriculum outcomes and student performance.


The committee meets on the 3nd wednesday of the month from 12 Noon to 1 p.m. in Room 532. The meetings are open to all faculty members.


  • Denise Howrie- Chair
  • Pam Smithburger, Past-Chair
  • Amanda Korenoski (P1 PYC)
  • Tanya Fabian (P1 PYC)
  • Philip Empey (P2 PYC)
  • Prema Iyer
  • Ed Horn
  • Lauren Jonkman
  • Vinayak Sant
  • Xiaochao Ma
  • Kris Schonder (P3 PYC)

Ex Officio

  • Susan Meyer
  • Cheryl Sorensen
  • Jim Pschirer
  • Neal Benedict
  • Susan Skledar
  • Christopher Miller (Alumni member)
  • Jane Gilchrist

Student Members:

Marissa Campagna 2020
Yuwei Vivian Tsai 2020
Emma Jane Haught 2021
Madeline Mitchell 2021
Vincent Knecht 2022
Andrew La 2022
Staff Support:



Appendix 10-D ResponsibilitiCurriculum Databases of Year Coordinators
Appendix 10-F PharmD Curriculum Structure
Appendix 10-J Course Coordinator Responsibilities
Appendix 10-K Course Review Process
Appendix 10-L Professional Electives
Appendix 10-M Special Topics Document
Appendix 12-A Curricular Outcomes

Course Syllabus (Restricted access files for the Faculty/ Staff)