Curricular Assessment Committee

Charge to Committee:

• Meeting the ACPE and Middles States accreditation standards for assessment and preparing the requisite reports in a timely fashion.

• Evolving and implementing the School’s assessment plan, our assessment matrix, by utilizing standards, guidelines and best-practices.

• Applying our values, including “creativity, teamwork and collaboration” as you do your work.

• Conducting other assessments and analyzing data that fall into the three categories listed.

• Assuring that portfolios are used efficiently to promote progressive student development and ultimate mastery of curricular outcomes;

• Analyzing year-specific and trend data related to our students’ performances on NAPLEX and MPJE;

• Developing and implementing course-embedded assessments linked to curricular outcomes that are quality indicators in the School’s assessment matrix;

• Providing data (in aggregate) to assist with curricular quality improvement.

• Analyzing data from ACPE/AACP curriculum quality perception surveys, specifically:

• Advising the Education Team regarding best practices for systematic course and faculty evaluations as well as peer evaluations.

Schedule: The committee meets monthly on Fridays, 12 noon, Salk Hall
Neal Benedict (2014-2016) (Chair)
Denise Howrie (2014-2016) (Vice Chair)

O.Odukoya (2014-2016 – Term 1)
B. Falcione (2014-2016 – Term 1)
R. Farrah (2014-2016 – Term 1)
Karen Pater (2015-2017 – Term 1)
James Stevenson (2015-2017 – Term 1)

Christine Ruby-Scelsi (Term 1 – 2016-2019)
Susan Meyer (ex officio)
Jim Pschirer/Sue Skledar (ex officio)

Student Members:

Aleta Figurelli 2017

Gabby Dzubia 2018

Neha Poladi 2019

Staff Support:

Matt Freidhoff

Lawrence Kobulinsky

Guidance Documents:
Curr Assessment Guidance Document.1109