Course Syllabi & Syllabus Builder

PittPharmacy is excited to be using the Curriculum Database and Web app, Syllabus Builder developed within PittPharmacy!

The database allows all faculty, staff, TA’s and residents to access basic course information as well as digital grids while the coming semester is being planned.

If you are a course coordinator, you can access, edit, revise and add any information for your course. Then output your syllabus and weekly class schedule as a PDF, or in other formats. Follow the link below, and then use the navigation item “My Courses.” You will only have links on that tab if you are a course coordinator.

Login is with your Pitt username and password.

At this time, the Firefox browser  should not be used as the web app may not function or look as expected. Chrome, Safari, or the newest browsers from Microsoft may be used successfully.

History of the Curriculum Database and Syllabus Builder

A database was developed to produce “maps” needed to meet the accreditation standards and reporting requirements. The first version of this database was called, the “curricular maps database,” because that is what it produced. The group of staff and faculty working on it, however, envisioned it to be able to do more for the school, and the database became known as the “curriculum database.”

Now, we are ready to begin to use more functionality in the system to generate three highly important documents:

  • The paper grids used in PYC meetings and by many faculty, staff, and students
  • Digital, calendar-like grids that allow for schedule data to be dynamically modified and viewed.
  • Course syllabus and weekly schedules produced prior to the start of each semester.