Code of Conduct Committee

Charge to Committee:

The Code of Conduct Committee is charged to recommend policies and procedures related to student and faculty conduct, integrity, professionalism and dress in the classroom, at professional experience sites and anywhere that students represent the School of Pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy Code of Conduct Committee’s recommendations should adhere to the University’s policies on academic misconduct as outlined in the Guidelines on Academic Integrity( including the procedures for adjudicating accusations of academic misconduct. The Committee should recommend policies consistent with accreditation standards required by the Accrediting Council on Pharmaceutical Education, particularly Standard 23 Professional Behavior and Harmonious Relationships.

The committee meets as needed.
Christine Ruby (2012-2014) (Chair)
Tara Pummer (2012-2014) (Vice Chair)
Amy Donihi (2012-2013 (Past Chair)

Paul Schiff (2012-2014 -Term 2)

Neal Benedict (2011-2014)

Michael Zemaitis (2012-2014 – Term 2)

Ex Officio

Sharon Corey

James Pschirer

Student Members:

Allison Lazar (P4)

Upasana Marwah (P3)

Kyle McGrath (P2)

Arthi Kumar (P1)


Guidance Documents:

Code of Conduct Guidance Documents.1109

Restricted access files for the Code of Conduct Committee