January Pharmacy and Therapeutics Faculty meeting

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Department Meeting

January 19, 2017


Welcome and introduction


Jamie Zelazny-Human Research Protection Office, IRB-University of Pittsburgh

  • Jamie discussed an overview of the HRPO-slides available from Sherri Peterson
  • Discussion regarding reporting responsibilities of the investigator within a Pitt IRB approved study
  • Faculty asked several questions related to the process and rationale of the reporting requirements
  • Several example cases were discussed activelyAnnouncements and open discussion
  • 12:25-1:00:
  • Recruitment: Oncology faculty position details are still being finalized with UPMC Magee (Amy will update the group with progress)
    • Several questions regarding search committee and position responsibilities
  • Recruitment: Will be recruiting for pharmacoanalytics position in our department
  • Residency/Fellow/Grad Student recruitment update and Midyear overview was discussed, another extremely successful ASHP meeting with an impressive showcase, UPMC/Pitt reception was a tremendous success and the group commented on the terrific attendance and networking opportunities
  • MSPBA had a successful ASHP meeting with significant attendance at their booth
  • Initial numbers: 14 ID, 5 underserved, 13 community, 8 amb care, 3 geri, 3 HSPA (management), almost 80 PGY1, 11 grad student
  • MSPBA-7 new students started the program this month
  • UPMC meeting schedule for Monday will be a discussion with Amy and Bryan regarding value of pharmacy services, all clinical faculty with practices in UPMC PUH/SHY will attend
  • UPMC RAC-due to the success of this committee throughout the ASHP accreditation process, we are continuing the monthly RAC for PUH/SHY/WPIC and will include the underserved program as Theiss will now be an integral piece of the UPMC ambulatory clinics
  • Please attend the remediation and intervention FYII tomorrow
  • We need an IRB replacement for Thao
  • Please attend the White Coat Ceremony on Feb 3rd
  • Amy discussed her national department chair group developing a “Mariner” program to enhance networking of early career faculty

November P&T Faculty Meeting Minutes

November Faculty meeting


The faculty meeting began with a presentation from Dr. Chelluri and Ms. Linda Higgins regrading quality improvement projects at UPMC. The slides presented are attached to the minutes.

Since June 2015, the QI submission process has been electronic. it is a 2 tier approval with the 1st tier being a handful of physicians. If a project is more complex, a second review by a specific gourp of individual with expertise in the area (P&T committee) may occur.

You can access the QI information through the UPMC Infonet and the quicklinks.

The speakers then reviewed how to submit a QI project and how to search for a QI project that is being conducted by using the electronic site. Details are provided in the attached PowerPoint.

It was stressed that before you submit, review the current projects and if there is something similar, reach out to those doing the project to see if there is a way to combine efforts or work together. The reviewers of the first tier review met every other week.

Once a project is completed, the results should be put into the results box.

Prior to presenting any work, an email to Tammy Mannier must be sent.

If substantial changes are made to the QI, Dr. Chelluri must be informed.

Nancy Spice also spoke at the meeting. She will be sending additional newsletters regarding funding and procedural updates as the one she sent this week was well received.

Mrs. Spice reminded faculty to be mindful of deadlines and the University office of research needs proposals 3 days before the sponsor’s deadline. The University office research also needs to review submissions that the investigator can submit on their own to a sponsor.

Effort certification occurs 4 times a year with a specific deadline. If you add a resource, please notify Nancy Spice immediately as to not run into issues with deadlines.  Laos as the PI, you are responsible to look at all monthly expenditure reports.

For funded grants, the Pitt office of research submits the publication and event notifications to Jan

Amy concluded the meeting stating the December department meeting will occur and that the holiday party will be January 7th.  Invitation to come.

A picture of the faculty and residents was taken and a second picture of the department was taken.submission-and-review-of-qi-and-summary-11-16-16