Awards and Scholarship Committee

Charge to Committee:

The Scholarship Committee is charged with effectively distributing the funds available for scholarships each year. The Scholarship committee will assure that each student awarded a scholarship meets the criteria for the scholarship and has completed a thank you letter to the scholarship donor before they receive the funds.

The Awards Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations for student and faculty awards to be awarded at the yearly School of Pharmacy Graduation Banquet. The committee is also responsible for identifying national student awards so as to recruit student application for such awards as relevant.


The Scholarship and Awards Committee merged. They meet in October each year at dates and times set by the chair to review scholarship applications so that the committee can meet the scholarship award notification dates in the second week in November. They meet again in the Spring Term to talk about awards and complete their work for the graduation event; additional meetings are called by the chair as needed to accomplish their work.

Melissa McGivney  (Chair)


Suzanne Mannino

Anna Schmotzer

Sharon Corey

Jim Pschirer

Marcia Borelli

ASP Advisors (ex officio)

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Guidance Documents (Scholarships)

Scholarship committee guidance document.1109

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Guidance Documents (Awards)
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