Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee

Charge to the Committee:

The committee is charged to:

·Follow all University of Pittsburgh procedures in the consideration of individual faculty members for appointment, promotion, and/or the award of tenure.

·Use fairness, balance, good judgment and the appropriate level of rigor in the evaluation of candidates for promotion and/or the award of tenure. Judgment of overall contribution, not formulae based on numbers of publications, classes, or committee positions, must guide promotion and/or tenure recommendations.

·Evaluate and recommend the appropriate academic rank for candidates for whom an offer is being made to join the School of Pharmacy faculty as new faculty members.

·Prepare and submit a written, individualized summary of the evaluation of each candidate, including a tally of the vote.

·Assure that the time of the review allows adequate notification period regarding reappointment or non-renewal of appointment.

·Reassess and revise as necessary, the Policy and Procedures for the Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion of Faculty (revised 1997)to make the policy consistent with the current process. The recommended policy must undergo review and comment by the Leadership Team and faculty of the School of Pharmacy.

·Write Bylaws for APT Committee that describes the basic processes developed by the committee.


The committee chair convenes meetings as needed to fulfill its charges. Due to the confidential nature of many committee actions, meetings are closed to attendess not appointed to the committee.


  • Bob Gibbs (Chair)
  • Kim Coley (Vice Chair)
  • Sandra Kane-Gill
  • James Guggenheimer (External Member)
  • Paul Johnston
  • Song Li
  • Tom Nolin
  • Lisa Rohan
  • Susan Skledar

Staff Support:

Michele Chamberlain

SOP Document – Guidelines & Criteria for Promotion & Tenure: