Admissions Committee

Charge to the Committee

The Admissions Committee shall:

  • participate and oversee all aspects of the admissions process.
  • develop and regularly assess criteria, policies and procedures for admission of applicants to the professional program. (Doctor of Pharmacy)
  • evaluate applications and participate in the interview process.
  • ensure the selection of students who:
    1.  have the greatest potential for academic success in the school’s professional program and for becoming good practitioners
    2.  possess the desirable attributes and behaviors to practice in a variety of settings in culturally diverse environments
    3.  dedicated to the ideal of service to society-commitment to professional standards
    4.  possess the desire and potential to become life-long learners
    5.  possess the potential to become leaders in the pharmacy profession, and to advance pharmaceutical care and the profession


The Committee shall meet during the fall semester to review the admissions criteria, policies and procedures to determine if changes are warranted. Meetings for the application review and admission decisions shall begin in January and continue until all positions in the class are filled and an ordered wait list has been developed.


Colleen Culley (2014-2016) (Chair)

Carolyn Thorpe (Chair)
Marcia Borelli
Robie Gosney

Continuing Faculty as Reviewers

Tanya Fabian (2015-2018 – Term 2)

Jim Coons (2015-2017 -Term 2)

Melissa Somma McGivney (2015-2017 – Term 1)

Carolyn Thorpe (2014-2018 – Term 2)

Levent Kirisci (2016-2019 – Term 1)

Michael Vanyukov –(2016-2019 – Term 2)

Paul Schiff  (2016-2018 – Term 2)

Jennifer Pruskowski (2016-2019 – Term 2)

James Stevenson (2016-2019 – Term 1)


Ex Officio
Mike Mokotoff

Sharon Corey

Staff Support:
Marcia Borelli
Robie Gosney

Guidance Documents:

PharmD Admissions Committe Guidance Document.1009

Restricted access files for the Admissions Committee