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All faculty, staff, grad students, PharmD students, residents, and research associates are added to the lists when they come to the school (hire, appointment, admit, etc).

If a person has multiple email addresses, generally speaking their @pitt.edu is the address placed on the list. @upmc addrersses are sometimes used.
The email lists are now case sensitive. This is a change as of Fall 2010. Example: rxschool is a valid address, but RxSchool is not a valid address.

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List of all PittPharmacy lists:

  • Entire School of Pharmacy: rxschool@pharmacy.pitt.edu
  • All faculty, staff, residents, and grad students. Does not include PharmD students

  • PittPharmacy faculty: rxfaculty@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • PittPharmacy staff: rxstaff@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • PittPharmacy residents: rxresidents@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • PittPharmacy graduate students: rxgrad@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • PittPharmacy post-docs & associates: rxpostdocs@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • All offices that will be in the new Baum Blvd space: rxbaum@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • All offices and labs that will be in the new CMU space: rxptc@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • Salk Hall:  Faculty, Staff, Grad Students, and Residents with offices in Salk Hall: rxsalk@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • Salk Pavilion: All Faculty, Staff, Grad Students, and Residents with offices in Salk Pavilion: rxpavilion@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences: pharmsciences@pharmacy.pitt.edu
  • Faculty only: Pharmaceutical Sciences: pharmsciencesfac@pharmacy.pitt.edu

  • Dept. of Pharmacy and Therapeutics: pharmtherapeutics@pharmacy.pitt.edu
  • Faculty only: Pharmacy and Therapeutics: pharmtherapeuticsfac@pharmacy.pitt.edu

Student Distribution Lists

  • P1 students: rx2022@pharmacy.pitt.edu
  • P2 students: rx2021@pharmacy.pitt.edu
  • P3 students: rx2020@pharmacy.pitt.edu
  • P4 students rx2019@pharmacy.pitt.edu