May 2017 notes:

This year’s Annual Review Form will be online from May 18- June 9. Short videos will appear below that explain some of the changes and offer tips for hassle-free data entry.

Here is the Annual Review Web App:

Annual Review Form


Browsers supported for use with the Annual Review form:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or newer. Make sure to turn off “Compatibility Mode.” Contact tech support, if you need help in doing that.
  • Chrome 38 or newer
  • Safari 8 or newer

Firefox is not supported.





  1. This form uses HTML 5 code and recommended browsers are Safari, Internet Explorer 10, or the most recent version of Chrome. If you aren’t sure if your web browser is up to date, please ask John Smith to check your computer.
  2. A suggested workflow for completing the Annual Review Form is to first update your CV and highlight everything new in the CV. Then, use the highlighted CV to complete the on-line review form.
  3. A link to the actual review form will be on this web page when the form is active. This will begin May 12, 2016.
  4. Login with your Pitt Username and Password. If you are unable to access the form, please report the issue to Thomas Waters.
  5. Required fields are designated with a red *.
  6. Select each tab across the top of the form to enter a different type of data. On some tabs, the data you have previously entered is summarized or counted. On others, you must enter all data.
  7. Click the “save” button to ensure that the information you have entered is saved to the database. You must save your work at least once every 30 minutes, or the database will close the connection, and you will have to re-login and re-enter any unsaved data. If you are on a wireless network, there may be other reasons why the connection to the database can be broken, so using the save buttons is to your advantage.
  8. You do not need to complete the form in one sitting. You may re-open the form as often as you wish to add data. Once you are sure you have completed everything, click the “Mark Annual Review as Complete” button on the “Finish” tab.