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February 2017 P&T Faculty meeting minutes

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February 16th, 2017 Pharmacy and Therapeutics Faculty Meeting


Dr. Seybert called the meeting to order at 12 noon in the CVS Conference room.

Dr. Jim Stevenson provided a presentation that described his background, current work, and future directions. Please see the attached document for additional details.

faculty mtg intro

Dr. Bridget Reagan provided an update in regard to the Phamracy Business Management Certificate. This complements the MDPBA Program and is half of the MSPBA Curriculcum. Students need to have a basic business understanding and have 2 years of professional experience in the healthcare setting to be considered.  Classes are held during the weekend in Alumni Hall.


Dr. Seybert provided several announcements:

  • Dr. Bob Weber will be visiting as a guest speaker of the SSHP student organization on April 13th. He will be providing a lecture from 12-1pm and there will be a reception later that afternoon.
  • Please complete the FARS survey (Due March 1st) and the COI (due April 8th)
  • Contract lengths for non-tenure faculty are only one year in length per the office of the SVC.
  • Recruitment:
    • Faculty for analytic program (Assistant professor level)
    • Fellowship in pharmacoeconomics (in partnership with UPMC Health plan). Please contact Dr. Inmaculada Hernandez (inh3@pitt.edu)for additional information
    • Oncology faculty position: not approved yet. Working through financial paperwork.


November P&T Faculty Meeting Minutes

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November Faculty meeting


The faculty meeting began with a presentation from Dr. Chelluri and Ms. Linda Higgins regrading quality improvement projects at UPMC. The slides presented are attached to the minutes.

Since June 2015, the QI submission process has been electronic. it is a 2 tier approval with the 1st tier being a handful of physicians. If a project is more complex, a second review by a specific gourp of individual with expertise in the area (P&T committee) may occur.

You can access the QI information through the UPMC Infonet and the quicklinks.

The speakers then reviewed how to submit a QI project and how to search for a QI project that is being conducted by using the electronic site. Details are provided in the attached PowerPoint.

It was stressed that before you submit, review the current projects and if there is something similar, reach out to those doing the project to see if there is a way to combine efforts or work together. The reviewers of the first tier review met every other week.

Once a project is completed, the results should be put into the results box.

Prior to presenting any work, an email to Tammy Mannier must be sent.

If substantial changes are made to the QI, Dr. Chelluri must be informed.

Nancy Spice also spoke at the meeting. She will be sending additional newsletters regarding funding and procedural updates as the one she sent this week was well received.

Mrs. Spice reminded faculty to be mindful of deadlines and the University office of research needs proposals 3 days before the sponsor’s deadline. The University office research also needs to review submissions that the investigator can submit on their own to a sponsor.

Effort certification occurs 4 times a year with a specific deadline. If you add a resource, please notify Nancy Spice immediately as to not run into issues with deadlines.  Laos as the PI, you are responsible to look at all monthly expenditure reports.

For funded grants, the Pitt office of research submits the publication and event notifications to Jan

Amy concluded the meeting stating the December department meeting will occur and that the holiday party will be January 7th.  Invitation to come.

A picture of the faculty and residents was taken and a second picture of the department was taken.submission-and-review-of-qi-and-summary-11-16-16

Poster Printing

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Poster Template: sop_poster-template-pptx

Printing Requisition: poster-printing-requisition

August Pharmacy and Therapeutics Faculty Meeting Minutes

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August Faculty Meeting


Drs. Johnson and Hall lead today’ meeting. Several faculty provided updates from their respective committees.


Residency update: (H. Johnson)

  • Sherri Peterson is to start with the Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics as the residency coordinator.
  • 43 residents (15 PGY2 and 28 PGY1). Of these 23 or 24 will be doing the Mastery of Teaching program
  • August 30, 31, and Sept.1 is the on site accreditation visit for PGY1, Critical Care, Ambulatory Care, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Management, Oncology


Admissions Committee (C. Culley)

  • Longer update will be provided at the General School of Pharmacy faculty meeting next week
  • 115 students in the incoming P1 class
  • 338 applications
  • 16 with BS degree
  • New Admission cycle to be kicked off last week.

Curriculum Committee Update:

  • Welcomed two new members: Kris Schonder and Thao Huyhn.
  • PYCs have been working with the course coordinators to finalize professional year scheduled and complete the grids for each of the respective professional years.
  • Grids will become final on Monday, so any additional changes needed need to be made before Monday
  • Renaming of several courses:
    • Principles of Drug Action- Minnigh Coordinator- Principles of Drug Action
    • Drug Development 1 – Smith coordinator – change to Drug Discovery and Development
    • Drug Development 2 – Poloyac/Venkat – change to Pharmacokinetics and Drug Response
    • Drug Development 3 – Sant – change to Dosage Form Design and Delivery
    • Advanced Pharmaceutical Care 2- -Schonder/Benedict- Critical Care and Nephrology
  • Course reviews ongoing are ongoing with each required course being reviewed every 4 years, unless there is substantial changes made to the course, then it will be reviewed sooner . The below are to be reviewed this upcoming year.
Pharmacist Patient Care Process I: Process and Skills
Pharmacist Patient Care Process II: Process, Skills, and Environments
Population Health and Management
Pharmacy Law


Regarding exam scoring at the Testing Center that I confirmed yesterday by phone

  • Up to 75 questions –Ten possible responses — A-J
  • 75-150 questions – Five possible responses – A-E
  • Discourage multiple point values within an exam during the semester (Staff previously spoke with said “Not allowed”)
  • With exam load during finals – multiple point values on an exam are prohibited.


Curricular Assessment Committee (Benedict)

  • 5 areas of focus for the committee
    • Portfolio: Student self-assessments on levels of mastery in the curriculum
    • Assessment Matrix: assessment of the strengths and areas needing improvement in the curriculum
    • Readiness Assessment: Evaluation of key patient care outcomes and practice readiness
    • PITT Form: Standardized way to track patient care interventions
    • PCOA: NABP P3 assessment- more concerted message to students for upcoming year regarding importance. Discussion occurred in regards to how to best utilize the results of this exam

July Pharmacy and Therapeutics Meeting Minutes

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Pharmacy and Therapeutics Faculty Minutes 7/14/2016 Meeting


Dr. Seybert began the meeting by reminding the faculty that the minutes to these faculty minutes are posted on the intranet and available for viewing.

Dr. Seybert then forewarned the faculty that it is the time to begin thinking of the data needed for the annual report and that requests will be coming soon. One member of each “group” will be identified to gather and compile all of the information obtained by faculty.  Dr. Seybert also asked the faculty to brainstorm ways to decrease the length of the document.

Dr. Huynh then presented an overview of her recent 2 week trip to Vietnam with the Health Volunteer Oversees organization. This site has been in existence for 4 years and so far, she has visited twice.  Detailed information can be found in the accompanying PowerPoint presentation.


Dr. Pruskowski then presented an overview of her 8 day trip to Chine where she spoke on the role of a pharmacist in Palliative care and an overview of Palliative care in general. Please see the attached PowerPoint for additional details.

Dr. Pruskowski then presented the findings of the subgroup that is evaluating the value of clinical pharmacy practice faculty services. Dr. Seybert charged a group to define our value within the UPMC system.  Specific details and survey results are found in the attached PowerPoint.  There will be a follow-up faculty meeting to discuss this topic in more detail.

Sue Skledar then announced to the faculty that the Experiential learning program has developed 5 continuing education preceptor develop modules that can be found under the Doctor of Pharmacy page on the school’s website.  An official announcement is forthcoming via email.

An American Pharmacist in China

The Value of Clinical Pharmacy Practice Faculty Services

HVO-ASCO VN June 2016.pptx


May 2016 P&T Faculty Meeting

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During this month’s faculty meeting we had two guests from Washington State University College of Pharmacy and College of Nursing.


Brenda Bray, MPH

Associate Professor and Director of Assessment

Washington State University College of Pharmacy


Barbara Richardson, BS, MN, PhD

Director, Riverpoint Interprofessional Education and Research

Washington State University College of Nursing


Our guests provided an overview of their work in interprofessional education and assessment and the faculty present engaged in conversations surrounding their active learning strategies as well as the College of Pharmacy’s Competency Based Assessment.  Dr. Bray discussed in detail ExamSoft and the barriers, and lessons learned while transitioning to this type of assessment strategy.

April P&T Faculty meeting

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April 2016 Faculty Meeting

Discussion concerning the benefit of accreditation for PGY2 residencies. Pros and cons were discussed.  Some specific discussion was:

  • UPMC programs have been accredited since the 1980s.
  • In the past decade, ASHP accreditation standards have become more and more stringent such that programs do not have much leeway for innovation
    • Do accreditation requirements limit what we can do within a program?
  • Board certification requirements: To be able to take a specialty BPS exam, either be a graduate from an accredited program or have the minimum practice component.
  • Would we lose candidates because they wouldn’t be looking at non-accredited programs?
  • Other institutions may be preferentially hiring only candidates who have graduated from accredited programs
  • Will CMS require credentials for the pharmacists they require in specific areas in the future?
  • Is there anything currently in the literature speaking against accreditation? May not want to move in this direction until there is a nation conversation
    • One suggestion was that perhaps we should write a paper to bring this info to the national stage for discussion
  • Comfort for the learner in going to an accredited program
  • Concern with costs to advertise if not accredited
  • Would be difficult to fund positons that are not in an accredited program
  • Conversations with students lead us to believe that they would pick an accredited program over a non-accredited program
  • One suggestion was that perhaps we should try to work with ASHP to influence the current standards

Dr. Seybert then updated the group concerning the re-accreditation survey that is to occur starting August 30th for 7 programs.  She thanked the program directors for their work on this already.

Dr. Seybert also mentioned that Kathy’s position will be filled eventually. Currently the job description is being updated.

Dr. Pruskowski spoke for the institutional task for that is working to figure out better ways to show the value of faculty members to UPMC. There will be a survey that is going to be distributed to the faculty to help gauge reality of current patient care settings.  It will be anonymous and results will be presented at the next P&T meeting.

Dr. Walker updated the faculty concerning MSPBA. They have 7 students enrolled and will be recruiting for the second class, which will begin in January 2017.  This year will include a health system administration tract.

The PharmD schedule is being revised currently by Dr. Susan Meyer. Stay tuned for updates.

Case conference series in P2/P3 will be credited this upcoming Fall.

Starting with the Class of 2018, the APPE schedule will include 8 5-week rotations (rather than 1 6-week plus 6 5-week rotations).

The PCLC is now reserved for student activities. Faculty should not plan to teach there.

Annual reviews are approaching. All need to be completed in July 2016.

WPIC PGY2 Psych residency just received accreditation through ASHP. Congratulations!

March Pharmacy and Therapeutics Faculty Meeting

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PPC Presentation_AK

Dr. Seybert began the meeting congratulating the faculty on the attainment of a 9th overall pharmacy school ranking.

Dr. Korenoski then updated the faculty about the poison center.  Please see attached presentation slide deck.  She also reminded the faculty that next week (March 20-26th) is national Poison Prevention Week.

Dr. Seybert then updated the faculty about recruitment.  Dr. Skledar has been named the Associate Director of Experiential Learning.  The Innovations faculty position has been placed on hold, and Magee is interested in beginning talks for a Woman’s health faculty member.

Dr. Seybert then asked the faculty for a list of meetings that we believe should have a pharmacy and therapeutics presence.  This would be for either professional development or for a presence of the school.  Ideas were solicited and recorded by Dr. Seybert.  Please contact her if any other ideas are thought of.


Dr. Hall reminded the faculty that the residencies will be undergoing accreditation August 30th-September 1st.  The program directors have already met and are working on a game plan to prepare.

Dr. Skledar reminded the faculty that the elections for University faculty assemble and senate are coming soon. Contact her if interested in running.

January 2016 Faculty Meeting

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P&T Faculty Meeting 1/21/16 @ 12pm

Attendees: Amy S, Amanda K, Bonnie, Christine R, Mike, Amy D, Neal, Bridget, Sharon, Lauren, Lorin, Luke, Sandy, Jim P, Inma [Jim C, Jim S, Phil-presenting grand rounds] {Ameer, Ravi, Babs Carryer-guests}

  • Overview of resources and opportunities at the Innovation Institute at Pitt (Babs Carryer, Director of Education and Outreach, presenting)
  • Offered to come to class to share opportunities with our students
    • Discussed history of Innovation Institute
    • Faculty course offerings
      • Academic Entrepreneurship class in fall
      • Gear program for specific projects-faculty and grad student project development
      • Benchtop to bedside course in spring
    • Student resources
      • I&E Living Learning Community
      • Thrival
      • Student clubs and organizations
      • Entrepreneurs in residence
      • Randall Family Big Idea
      • Blast Furnace
      • Startup PittBlitz
      • She Innovates
    • Discussed IP at Pitt
    • All information/slides available in attached document
    • Babs Carryer-bcarryer@innovation.pitt.edu or innovation.pitt.edu


    • Innovation Lab overview and innovation session
      • Lead by Ameer Ali and Ravi Patel
      • Ameer will be sending one page update for faculty and it will be distributed to the department
      • Awaiting slide attachment at time of minutes
      • Overviewed steps to introducing innovation to our students, begins in P1 year, Melissa incorporates into POP, and special topics/elective available to interested P3 students




Next meeting: February 18, 2016 in CVS Conference Room

December 2015 Faculty Meeting

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P&T Faculty Meeting 12/17/15 @ 12pm

Attendees: Amy S, Amanda K, Sue, Funmi, Bridget, Peg, Jim C, Tom Nolin, Thao, Brian P, Kris S, Tanya, Carolyn, Lauren J, Mike S, Melissa, Luke, Amy D, Sandy, Phil E, Jim S, Bonnie, Dee, C Ruby

  • Sean Xie – presentation about research
    • Looking for ways to collaborate with P&T faculty, shared research program and potential opportunities for collaboration with our department
  • Grades are due on Sunday 12/20
  • Recruitment
    • Outcomes Research: Position accepted by Inma Hernandez.
      • Currently a PhD student at Pitt. Dissertation of thesis in May and will start with us in mid-August. You may see her at SOP meetings before then.
    • EL Director (Scott Drab is committee chair)-interviewing started this month
    • Innovations (Randy is committee chair)
      • Discussion around what type of person to recruit. In general, looking for a “problem solver,” who will help with the innovations lab. He/she will have typical faculty responsibilities and will need to be able to engage corporations/other donors in innovations led by our students.
  • 2015 accomplishments – ending the year on a high note! We congratulated each other…
      • Phil/Jim – Medivate received unanimous vote for funding at UPMC Enterprises-for med list/transitions in care tool
      • Phil/Jim/Jim-Phamacogenomics clinical implementation-up and running, the group should be commended
      • MSPBA program – 7 students starting January 4th-congratulations to Bridget, Gordon, and the advisory group
      • Sandy’s AHRQ grant for patient safety
      • Carolyn – VA grant
      • Tanya – WPIC residency position approved
      • Follow Mr. Yuk on Facebook and Twitter (Amanda needs followers to report on the Poison Center’s upcoming accreditation!)

  • There are many more accomplishments not mentioned…it has been a great year for the P&T department! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, we look forward to a great year!